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Standardizing Dynaco Doors

Team Members Heading link

  • Izzy Avalos
  • Tony Bell
  • Rado Dachev
  • Natalie Ferguson
  • Olga Pilch

Project Description Heading link

This report documents the process followed to accomplish Dynaco Door’s standardization needs. Dynaco Doors wants to increase their door manufacturing output for their more commonly produced doors. In order to do this, the team broke the door manufacturing processes down into elements, turned the elements into detailed Work Instructions, helped to create a Plant Layout map of the facility, carried out a Time Study, analyzed bottlenecks with the Time Study and reported improvements to management, and proposed recycling and waste disposal options that Dynaco Doors could use to make profit off of their scrap material. The team also leveraged the Time Study data to create an Excel tool that allows a user to input production needs and receive an optimal proposed schedule based on the Standard Time found for each door type. Management is pleased by the various time improvement suggestions like implementing a training station to reduce bottleneck, rushing, and mislearning of the assembly process when new operators need to practice. Material handling of a bottleneck in the vinyl cutting process, where the operators had to walk far to get different varieties of vinyl, was identified, and a solution of using a vinyl carousel was suggested. Dynaco is currently in the process of procuring a vinyl carousel.

See supporting documentation in the team’s Box drive.

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