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chemical engineering students with plastic waste for their Expo 2020 project

Undergraduate seniors in engineering have the chance each year to show their creativity, ingenuity, and innovative spirit to the entire UIC community—and the city of Chicago.

Most students begin in the Senior Design course, a two-semester sequence that allows seniors to gather all the knowledge and skills they’ve acquired at UIC Engineering and put them to work to solve a real-world design problem.

Computer science students do not take the Senior Design course, but they are our newest participants in Expo, developing and demonstrating programming projects done with Arduino.

No matter what their discipline, the projects our seniors take on range from the practical to the fantastic. Recent projects have explored creating biodiesel from coffee grounds, building devices to improve surgery, designing an HVAC system for a four-story building, conducting traffic analyses for Chicago’s major highways, and recommending musical selections for people via facial-recognition technology.

All projects are on display at our annual Engineering Expo, a conference-style event where students showcase their work to peers, faculty members, and panels of judges from Chicago’s professional community. This site represents an archive of their work. We invite you to explore each category to see the creativity, capability, and range of UIC Engineering students.

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