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Smart Gloves

Team Members Heading link

  • Jairuss Ramos
  • Isaiah Tala
  • Anugrah Talwar
  • Changshen Tao

Project Description Heading link

Maintaining an active lifestyle in an urban setting has become increasingly difficult as both cyclists and drivers are bombarded with constant visual and auditory stimulus. While more safety features have been designed for motorists, there have not been many developments for cyclists. A statistic from 2019 concerning cycling related deaths counted the annual toll at 843. This is why Smart Gloves was designed with a state of the art collision detection system utilizing LiDAR sensors and a machine learning enhanced calibration system. A cyclist will wear Smart Gloves during a ride and the device will notify the cyclist by vibration pulse when the device is ready to scan the area. An accelerometer assists in the calibration system to verify proper LiDAR orientation prior to the scan. After proper orientation is verified the device will scan the area for any hazards and then notify the rider via a patterned vibration pulse when a hazard is detected. This will assist cyclists in ensuring they are as safe as possible as they make it home.

See supporting documentation in the team’s Box drive,