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ECE.01R – Formula CAN Communication Dashboard

Team Members Heading link

  • Aun Amir
  • Mohamad El-Saghir
  • Nicholas Lee
  • Jason Parkinson

Project Description Heading link

In the high-performance field of racing, vehicle and race conditions can change in a split second. SAE at UIC is a student organization that builds its own Formula and Baja cars to compete in annual competitions. SAE at UIC’s drivers need to be able to analyze car data in real time during a race and during testing to compete successfully and safely, and has tasked us with designing a new instrument cluster and data display system for their Formula vehicle. One essential feature is that the driver of the vehicle can see revolutions per minute (RPM) and gear to determine how fast the engine is spinning and judge when to efficiently shift into another gear. We have developed this product to deliver not only live data coming from the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) of the car but also send data back to the members of the team who are responsible for efficient racing strategies. The system also incorporates an accelerometer and gyroscope sensor and provides the ECU with critical information about the car’s acceleration. The screen incorporates a highly visible and responsive RPM bar and large gear indicator that can be read with only peripheral vision. The entire system is water resistant, modular, and is designed to not be required for the car to function properly.