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ECE.02R – Sol Nay

Team Members Heading link

  • Raymond Barragan
  • Ricardo Contreras
  • Kyaw Htike
  • Yu Yu Maung

Project Description Heading link

Despite the rapid pace of technological advancement in urbanized nations, several countries in the developing world, especially but not exclusively in the Asian region, still lack consistent access to electricity. Frequent power outages have a significant impact on residents’ lives. The addition of the exorbitant cost of electricity forces people to make a difficult choice between necessities and luxuries when it comes to their electrical usage. This inspired our team to build an affordable and easily accessible device with the aim of improving the lives of residents. We designed a solar-powered fan project, due to the easy accessibility of solar as an energy source, chosen to battle the heat of tropical climates. The solar panel is custom-built from 3D-printed frames, designed to seamlessly interconnect the solar cells, which are then securely mounted onto a wooden base. The photovoltaic system harnesses solar energy to charge both the battery and the fan, with customizable fan speed options that directly impact the overall power consumption. Additionally, the temperature reading provides users with an accurate assessment of when to utilize the fan, optimizing energy efficiency. Our system focuses on the simplicity of the fan’s functionality to cut down budget costs so as to make it accessible for low-income communities.