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MIE.07 – Gimbal Mount for a Quadcopter

Team Members Heading link

  • Sebastian Corral
  • Mehul Gupta
  • Thammasorn Jearsirikul
  • Zoha Mahmood
  • Shane Plesha
  • Paula Sawicka

Project Description Heading link

This project is about the properties of a gimbal and how it can be reconstructed to allow for a more stable movement of the camera gimbal mount for a quadcopter. For quality aerial cinematography a design will be improved to isolate the orientation of the camera from the orientation of the quadcopter. This will allow for the camera to move independently from the quadcopter. A redesign will be constructed to design an efficient gimbal so that it can have up to no vibration by having a camera mount and two motors. Upon research, the goal intended is to improve the gimbal system to maintain stable motion and decrease vibration. To achieve this, the gimbal mount holder and box will be designed on SolidWorks with a ABS plastic material which will be produced by a 3D printer. The housing (box) will move relative to the desired position of the user, remotely, and provide stability for smoother use of the camera. Also, the gimbal mount holder will act jointly with the arduino code, MPU 6050 sensors, and MG996R servo motor which will allow the mount to successfully have a motion without affecting the quadcopter itself. Our design and research indicates the gimbal mount can successfully move in two directions which are the x-axis (pitch) and y-axis (yaw).