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ECE.05 – Stream

Team Members Heading link

  • Marisol Arroyo
  • Alejandro Chavez
  • Juan Quintanilla
  • Lauren Charlise Walls

Project Description Heading link

When taking showers the temperature of the water typically has to be adjusted many times before it is to one’s liking. The user is only able to control and determine so much due to only having the standard mechanical lever or dial present throughout their shower duration. This leaves the user unaware of the exact temperature of the water they’re using, and also the amount of the water that is being used during that time. This is where Stream comes into play. Stream is a new shower system that allows users to control their desired water temperature with a digital screen displaying the temperature as they adjust it with two buttons. The systems also includes a water flow sensor that tracks the amount of water used during the shower. Other features include water indicator LED lights, and the ability to play music via blue-tooth. The TFT touchscreen displays all of these components, allowing users to change the water temperature, track shower time, and interact with the other features through a setting button that displays four additional buttons. Considering that this is for a bathroom’s environment, a prototype has been created that demonstrates the overall functionality of Stream. In short, Stream provides a more customizable and informed shower experience for users.