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ECE.06 – Bicylce Blindspot Detector

Team Members Heading link

  • Lucas Bryan
  • Ryan Chismark
  • Kyle Davis
  • Jeffrey Lyon

Project Description Heading link

Over 130,000 bicyclists are injured yearly in accidents and 40 percent of those are due to getting hit from the rear. With our product “Better Biking” we aim to reduce the number of bicycle accidents by a large margin. Our product will act as a blind spot detector that senses oncoming vehicles or other cyclists from behind. We are using distance sensors to differentiate which side objects are present on, and how far away it is. for the notification system, we have two different colored LEDs mounted to the handlebars of a bike to alert users how close an object is with yellow being farther, and red being close. A green LED will always be active otherwise in order to show users that the product in functional. Our product increases the safety for any cyclists that decide to use it by providing necessary information that limits head turning while riding. We currently have a completely functional sensor that operates based on the description above. For the engineering expo, we’ll have our product implemented on a bicycle for display. Additionally, we plan on being able to fully demonstrate our product attached the a bicycle in use and stationary.