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MIE.05 – Robotic Three-Finger Effector

Team Members Heading link

  • Abdul Adil
  • Ezequiel Besteiro
  • Dev Patel
  • Paul Pavalon
  • Alex Powers
  • Josh Santarelli

Project Description Heading link

The objective of this project is to design, build and test a three-fingered effector coupled with a one degree of freedom wrist and elbow to perform predefined tasks. The three-fingered effector is currently tasked with picking up an object (a ball) and placing it within a predetermined location. The three-finger effector operates off a feedback control system developed using Python. A gyroscope and accelerometer sensor are used to collect real-time angular and positional data to determine the location of the robotic hand thus allowing for high accuracy motion and accurate and precise repetitive motion. Ultimately, the overall goal is to create an efficient device capable of performing desired tasks for a low cost. The design must have easy manufacturability and desirably an easy device to mass produce. The device will be operator friendly allowing for easy modification of the code and modification of fingertip to accommodate various objects. Robotic hand, wrist, and arm manipulators are used in a variety of fields in industries. They can be used to complete repetitive tasks with extreme precision, effectively removing the need for human intervention and error. From production companies to individual civilian use, the implementation of a robotic arm manipulator in any setting can lead to an increase in productivity and accessibility in day-to-day lives.