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ECE.09 – ULock

Team Members Heading link

  • Audai Awadallah
  • Fash Fasogbon
  • Matthew Kosiek
  • Gerardo Lopez

Project Description Heading link

Carrying one’s personal belongings can be cumbersome, especially when commuting and traveling in a busy city. This is true for many people, specifically commuters, tourists, and individuals meeting socially after a busy day. With this in mind, we created a fully functional self-storage system where anyone can rent a locker and temporarily store their items, passcode protected, for whatever amount of time they need. We tested our prototype by inputting random sequences and edge cases to verify our security and find potential issues. After testing, the results of our unit showed that the locker is able to take the user’s unique four-digit passcode and keep it locked until the correct passcode is inputted again, allowing the user to retrieve the locker contents. In the event of power outage preventing electronic access to the locker, there is a mechanical fail safe which includes a manual lock and key in the rear of the unit which will limit access to the public allowing for better security. With our testing results in mind for our prototype, it can be concluded that our group satisfied our project goals of creating a reliable self-service storage option that is accessible to a wide range of consumers.