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ECE.12R – Blind Spot Detection Helmet

Team Members Heading link

  • Mike Maris
  • Moises Ochoa
  • Alejandro Perez
  • Christopher Simek

Project Description Heading link

Today’s roadways are more dangerous than ever for bicyclists, with over 130,000 bicyclists getting injured and over 1,000 dying every year. Unfortunately, these numbers have only been on the rise every year. As a result of this congested environment, cyclists may have to keep track of their surroundings by turning their heads around. However, constantly looking around while cycling can be distracting and may lead to accidents. In an effort to tackle this issue we have designed an object detection system that optimizes blind spot detection using multiple sensor technologies while in motion. In addition, a simple and direct user interface is detrimental to the user’s focus while sharing the road with others. Consequently, our design uses both LEDs and speakers to alert the user when a moving object is in the user’s blind spot. In order to detect objects that may pose a threat to the cyclist, an array of ultrasonic range sensors spanning throughout the user’s blind spots will be used in combination with an accelerometer and gyroscope to detect approaching objects, as well as the positioning of the cyclist themselves. Our system alerts the user of objects approaching, leaving, and also remaining at a fixed distance within the two meter range.

Project Video Heading link