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ECE.14R – Cars detecting Motorcycles

Team Members Heading link

  • Amir Khannejad
  • Milena Mijuskovic
  • Ali Raza
  • Darlene Salacsacan
  • Mira Sweis

Project Description Heading link

As transportation continues to evolve, the safety of all road users is a top priority. However, motorcycles remain particularly vulnerable due to their size and lack of visibility, especially in a vehicle’s blind spot. Our team of experienced motorcyclists and car drivers has witnessed firsthand the dangers that motorcyclists face on the road. Therefore, we are excited to announce our innovative solution to this problem. Our product is designed to cover blind spots and detect motorcycles for every car on the road.
After extensive research and development, we have created a prototype that uses a GPS module and two HC-12 transceivers for real-time data transfer. The system is powered by a tablet, and we have utilized our expertise to program. Our system is capable of detecting an approaching motorcycle within a 10-meter range, in all directions, providing drivers with advanced warning and visual alerts on their display screen.
Our preliminary results have been highly promising, with our system detecting motorcycles with an high accuracy rate. We believe that our solution has the potential to significantly reduce motorcycle accidents on the road, providing both car drivers and motorcyclists with greater safety and peace of mind.
Our product can be easily installed in any vehicle, regardless of make or model. We are committed to ensuring that our solution is accessible to all, and we believe that our affordable and easy-to-use product has the potential to revolutionize road safety. Join us in making the roads safer for everyone!