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ECE.16 – Noise Cancelling Doghouse

Team Members Heading link

  • Mark Cosico
  • Sam Guardalabene
  • Elijah Guptill
  • Andres Perez
  • Parid Worawitrattanakul

Project Description Heading link

In the United States, 90 million dogs live with their human companions, but over 33% of our furry friends suffer from noise phobia from sources like thunder and fireworks. This means tens of millions of dog owners have no choice but to watch their beloved pets cower in fear with no way to help them. Our solution is to create a quiet doghouse to be their safe space during these events. This doghouse utilizes noise cancellation technology to shield your dog from these anxiety triggers. The system collects ambient noise from a microphone, which is then phase inverted, and finally speakers output this sound inside the dog house to cancel the incoming sound waves. The structure also contains a passive noise canceling element as well, in the form of heavy insulation. We tested our dog house by recording audio inside and outside the structure and comparing the two audio samples to see if there is a measurable difference. Our results show there is a measurable noise cancellation occurring as shown by the reduction in decibel levels. Although the noise isn’t reduced completely, this will still put your pet more at ease. This desired result shows our project works as intended and can provide assistance to pets in distress.

Project Video Heading link