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ECE.16R – Smart Water Leak Detector

Team Members Heading link

  • Liam Bennett
  • Cody Chan
  • Leonardo Garcia
  • Ian Lee

Project Description Heading link

During the time of climate change, everyone needs access to clean and affordable water. Household pipes always have the potential to leak whether it be from blockage, frozen pipes, or other causes, and homeowners will have to deal with the consequences. Water leakage from household pipes is responsible for roughly 50 billion cubic meters of water loss, one of the main reasons for water loss in the world. For our senior design project, we aim to develop a system that will use changes in water flow and a camera to decide if a leak is present. This device will notify the user if the water flow is less than 90 percent of the average flow rate or if the camera detects water on the surface below where it is attached. The user will be notified via sound and data on an LCD interface. The system can be improved upon to send a notification through an app on your phone and the leakage detection can be implemented in other projects. To test our system, we ran water through our water flow meter at different rates and got accurate readings to the tenth decimal place as well as have our camera above the pipe to determine if there is water underneath it.