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MIE.01 – Lab Scissor Lift Prototype

Team Members Heading link

  • Justin Behrens
  • Girik Bhagwani
  • Jose Medrano
  • Kyrollos Mikhaiel Mikhaiel
  • Krish Patel
  • Siddharth Reddy

Project Description Heading link

Throughout many labs, the ability to move an object vertically can be essential. A lift is
a mechanism that provides calibrated vertical movement. Vertical motion is needed for various reasons and in this instance, the lift is designed to align experimental devices as accurately as possible. The lift constructed by the team is known as a scissor lift, which encompasses an iconic “X” shape. The links that form the “X” shape in the center provide the movement and the stability for the lift. These links are created out of aluminum with the base and platform made out of acrylic. Included in the lift is a 3D-printed electrical box to house the electrical components needed to operate the lift. The components used in this product include a microprocessor, a motor driver, a keypad, a display screen, and a digital caliper; all of which are used to control the height and speed of the lift. The lift is powered by a plug-in power adapter. The power is then diverted to the micro controller and through the motor driver to the actuator. The digital caliper is used as a sensor or feedback system in order to control the actuator and move the platform accurately and precisely to the desired height.