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MIE.15 – Integrated OEM Sensor

Team Members Heading link

  • Abdulrahman Alhawshan
  • Samir Asadi
  • Carl Calarde
  • Anthony Le
  • David Martinez

Project Description Heading link

In roll to roll processing (R2R) it is useful to know the remaining web length to assess roll quality. Many modern machines implement complex algorithms using differential equations and rotary encoders that continuously track roll rotation to accurately measure web length, given that there is minimal slippage and sufficient mechanical contact. Other advanced inline R2R metrology methods use optical techniques such as line-scan imaging and reflectometry. These algorithms are computationally intensive, and they require extensive knowledge of initial system conditions and various roll properties. Another real time method to predict available web length is by means of the measuring geometric properties of the roll – the system inputs the inside and outside diameters of the roll, and it outputs the roll length. This straightforward approach is robust to varying initial system states as the only lookup value is the inside roll diameter. This project explores the effectiveness of different measurement techniques of roll geometries that determine the available web length within an acceptable error threshold. In the project, the engineering team aims to measure the diameter of a laminate roll, while maintaining laminator functionality, to find the remaining length of laminate left in the roll. Though the scope of the project is to not make the final product, it is important to experiment and prove a proof of concept, explore its viability, and examine the uncertainty that may emerge.