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MIE.28 – Multi-axis tank cleaning nozzle

Team Members Heading link

  • John Hahn
  • Eduardo Lopez
  • Ezequiel Martinez
  • Kody Regelbrugge

Project Description Heading link

Spray Systems Co. is in search of a tank cleaning nozzle that can operate on multi-axes. In order to obtain a functional and reliable multi-axis nozzle, MIE 28 applied the following SSCo design constraints: fully submersible, electrically grounded, able to be placed into a circular opening with a diameter of 3.75 inches, safely withstand 45 GPM of water up to 1000 PSI and resist a temperature up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Preliminary research analyzing these various constraints were conducted. Knowledge of spraying systems was extremely limited to the group prior to the start of the project. In order to initiate the design process, a popular sample unit was sent to the group for on-hand examination. Based on the previously listed components, team MIE 28 began designing achievable and functionable designs that meet the required constraints. Progression of the design and development of the nozzle has encountered an obstacle: combining all four preliminary designs into one final design. With the help from Geoff Tanner, a SSCo Tank Cleaning Business Leader and Liaison to MIE 28, team MIE28 was able to generate multiple lists of advantages and disadvantages for each design. Based on the generated lists, the team was able to build improvements on each design. Updated designs were brought forward to Geoff for further analysis. This became a recurring process. After the rigorous design process, a suitable design was chosen and then the fabrication process began. After consulting with other Spray Systems Co. employees, team MIE 28 was able to alter and 3D print a proof of concept prototype.