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MIE.37 – Quadruped Support System

Team Members Heading link

  • Sean Burns
  • Liam Doherty
  • Alejandro Gonzales
  • Alvin Le
  • Man Pham

Project Description Heading link

The UIC Robotics and Motion Laboratory is home to an advanced quadruped robot dog, which is primarily utilized for research and development purposes, including experimentation with multiple autonomous robots operating with each other in dynamic tasks and environments.
The main objective of this project is to design, manufacture, and test a highly adaptable, modular support system that can be attached to the quadruped and allow for various auxiliary attachments to be used in conjunction with the robot to expand its overall capabilities and potential applications.
Within the scope of this project we focused on two particular attachments. These attachments include both a robotic manipulator arm to be used in tandem with the quadruped’s mobility, as well as a landing pad configuration to allow a quadcopter drone to both land and take off from the quadruped robot while it maintains operation.
One of the key design principles of the modular support system is its versatility, which allows for the attachment of not only the aforementioned components but also the possibility of incorporating other unspecified attachments in the future. This design approach ensures that the system remains adaptable and can accommodate a wide range of additional attachments as research progresses and new requirements emerge.