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MIE.40 – Miter Saw Dust Hood

Team Members Heading link

  • Mateusz Hukalowicz
  • Ahmed Islam
  • Keshu Kashyap
  • Parth Patel

Project Description Heading link

In the UIC ME 250 workshop area, there is a miter saw which is used to cleanly slice and cut pieces of wood. The saw that is present in the work area is a DeWalt DWS780 12” (305mm) double bevel sliding compound miter saw. It’s partially enclosed by a hood that prevents dust from flying away after the wood has been cut, but also has an opening in the front to allow the user to stick their hand through in order to operate the miter saw. As part of this project, the UIC Mechanical Engineering Department needs a brand-new saw dust hood. It must interface with a 4″” vacuum duct and partially enclose the miter saw, thus directing all dust and particles generated by the miter saw to the vacuum port. Taking these requirements, changes to the shape of the hood have been taken into consideration to minimize the amount of area in the hood, thus decreasing the range of travel of the particles to a limited area within the hood. Rather than a dome-shaped structure, the hood will consist of sheets of galvanized steel that will be bent and cut into shape, which will ultimately give the hood a convex-like appearance