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MIE.42 – Art Meets Science

Team Members Heading link

  • Hasan Alteneiji
  • David Monarrez
  • Edwin Osorio
  • Eryk Przybyszewski
  • Muhammad Zaeem Siddiqui

Project Description Heading link

Canon released the EOS R5 C body and an interchangeable dual fisheye lens capable of enabling stereoscopic 3D 190 degree filming in 2022. Professor Geissler, a Professor of Art at UIC, wants to use this system to study river systems in Illinois. There are currently no underwater camera housings available for this system. Our team was tasked with creating a custom housing for this system that can capture clear images and videos without having the housing leak or obstruct the view of the camera lens, and allow limited control of the camera functions. Detailed literature research was conducted on existing design patents to avoid infringement of the design. When designing the waterproof housing, different alternative designs were presented, such as what material and structure will be used for the body and the lens. Five different designs were presented: an aluminum body design, two different kinds of plastic body designs, a 3D printed design, and a polycarbonate body design. The evaluation of different designs was done through a decision matrix and the highest sum of weighted design has been selected. The final decision was to FDM print the housing and combine it with off the shelf components. The system was evaluated using the IPX7 standard and successfully achieved this standard.