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MIE.13 – ACCO Eraser Project

Team Members Heading link

  • Alex Flores
  • Luis Franco
  • Jose Guemez
  • Madeline Pteanc

Project Description Heading link

Dry erasers are used to wipe and collect dry erase ink from a non-porous surface, such as a white board or a glass board. Over time, the collection of dried ink reduces the performance of the eraser, causing the ink to smear. This project includes the process of designing an eraser for ACCO Brands with the capability of communicating to its end user that the eraser is full of ink and must be replaced. These design ideas were produced through research of past devices and possible physical components, as well as through brainstorming methods of integrating a communication system into a small accessory. Relevant codes and standards, the cost of materials, safety, performance and ease-of-use were factors taken into consideration when comparing designs through a decision matrix. The design with the best anticipated outcome utilizes a method of observing the amount of light that is shown through the erasing material as it becomes saturated. Different erasing materials were explored: felt, microfiber, reticulated foam and melamine foam. Also, a combination of materials were evaluated. Through design testing, plenty of ink was applied to white boards and erased. Thus, pieces of equipment, testing jigs, were brainstormed and developed to make the testing process as efficient as possible. Testing jigs were developed for erasing and writing. However, through trial and error, the only jig required to make the testing process more efficient was one that laid down lots of ink fast.