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MIE.12 – ACCO Brands Mobile Desk

Team Members Heading link

  • Andrew Dai
  • Lisa Davies
  • Ousmane Diop
  • Yaman Obaid
  • Tony Xue

Project Description Heading link

ACCO Brands mobile desk is a portable and versatile workstation designed to provide an ergonomic solution for those who work on-the-go, or at home. As the number of home office spaces increases, the average workspace needs to be more ‘hoteling’ and become more flexible to allow people to enjoy more flexible office spaces. The goal of this project is to design multiple lightweight and interchangeable components that must be able to attach and detach easily from a holder mount, which is also designed by the team. More specifically, the team designed a phone charging station, a phone/tablet holder, a pen/pencil holder, a cup holder, and a combined pen/pencil holder. The phone/tablet holder must be able to tilt 15 degrees and must be able to rotate in all directions while in use. ACCO Brands provided a small mobile desk that features a spacious work surface with an adjustable height mechanism. The desk can easily be raised or lowered to accommodate different seating positions and preferences. The project has been divided amongst mechanical engineering (ME) majors and industrial engineering (IE) majors. ME students are responsible for the design of the CAD models, engineering technical drawings and using ANSYS software for strength testing analysis. IE students are responsible for completing the various tables required for the project, such as Gantt Chart, Fish Bone Chart, etc. The whole team also analyzes the economic aspects of the project and determines the materials and costs required for the design of the product. The final design of the components are to be used in conjunction with the mobile desk provided. With more people working from home, the market’s desire to be able to take their workspace with them has significantly increased. The mobile desk efficiently creates a customized and organized work environment, allowing users to store different items on their desk at any given time.