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ECE.08 – Restroom Notification System

Team Members Heading link

  • Andres Cuevas
  • Amna Faisal
  • Vraj Patel
  • Joey Squillaci

Project Description Heading link

The UIC facility management staff is responsible for maintaining all bathrooms across its 244 acre footprint. It can be hours or days before bathroom issues are addressed due to the limited staff availability. As students that have faced these issues regarding the condition of the bathrooms and the facility supplies, we want to be able to make it a smoother experience for people using the bathroom, as well as facility management that is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the bathrooms. Based on surveys run for UIC students and faculty, 78% responded that the absence of toiletries is very inconvenient. We have created a product that will notify UIC staff when toiletries are empty and/or need attending to. Our product makes use of a low power microcontroller with a wifi module that can accept inputs to notify staff or any issues. It is designed to be small, intuitive, and cost efficient so that it’s cheap to deploy, and so staff and students can use it easily. Additionally, facilities only need to edit a text file to update questions and notification settings, no programming required. This product will be very helpful in keeping up the cleanliness and functionality of all bathroom facilities across the campus.